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“What is The Armpit?”

The Armpit has been pro wrestling’s least trusted news source since 2002. We provide hard-hitting news, interactive contributions from readers, and exclusive feature articles and interviews that aim to inform and entertain.  These include:

  • Backstage Fights: The original, online collection of the most detailed, blow-by-blow descriptions of backstage fights in pro wrestling on the entire internet.  90% of the information you see online about any backstage fights originally came from this website.
  • Mock My Brain: Revealing, intrusive and potentially offensive interviews with pro wrestling’s elite, such as HHH.
  • Dear Dr. Dave: Our sex advice column, where current movie star and former WWE superstar Dave Batista answers your sex questions as only he can.
  • Greatest Matches Ever: A growing list, with video links, of every ****+ match there has ever been, starting with the current year and eventually going back as far as possible in history.
  • Features: Incredibly interesting special feature articles on the world of pro wrestling.
  • Road Stories: A relatively new section, aimed at posting as many interesting, titillating, gossipy, sleazy, funny, and disgusting road stories as we can possibly find.
  • It Makes No F’n Sense: The illogical things about pro wrestling that, after thinking them through, make you feel insulted to be a wrestling fan.
  • Comics: Memes, famous quotes, and advertisements that take a look at the lighter side of pro wrestling.

“Are your articles real or fake?”

Just like pro wrestling, the truth is somewhere in between. The news articles are clearly intended to be satire. Ditto for Celebrity Rants, Dear Dr. Dave, and some of the Feature Articles. Pick My Brain interviews are 100% real, however, while Mock My Brain interviews are fabricated. Interactive posts from readers (such as Backstage Fights, Road Stories, etc) strive to be authentic, but their veracity is not guaranteed. That isn’t by design, that’s just the nature of hearsay stories told by people in a profession where lying is often the norm.

“Is The Armpit on social media?”

Not anymore.  Social media blatantly censors conservative content and has a double standard when it comes to left-wing propaganda.  We refuse to contribute to their anti-American, anti-liberty cause.  To ensure you never miss new articles, please follow us or enter your email in the “Join the Armpit Army” box found in our sidebar and at the bottom of each article on this website.

“How often is the site updated?”

There is no set schedule.  It depends on the amount of time we have to work on it during any given week, which varies.  The Armpit was dormant for several years, but was re-launched full time in 2016.

“Were you really on the Howard Stern Show?”

Yes, our writing was featured on two different episodes. When Eric the Actor/Midget did a wrestling quiz, we wrote the questions that Howard read on the air. When Fred the Elephant Boy did a wrestling quiz and got his body hair waxed, we wrote most (but not all) of the questions for that. Both shows aired in 2008, and this website got a plug on the Wrap-up Show for each of those days. We’ve also provided some background research for Howard when he has had pro wrestlers or MMA fighters on the show, most notably Chris Kanyon. We’ve often been consulted when Howard has those kinds of guests on the show, since we have a lot of dirt and interesting stories.  Of course, Howard Stern has sucked for well over 10 years, and we’ve since refused to help his show when they’ve asked us.

“How can I support The Armpit?”

We’re grateful and appreciative of the support our readers proudly give us.  The best and easiest way to support The Armpit is to:

  • We hate Facebook, Twitter, and most other forms of social media.  If you’re on those platforms, then you can support us and piss them off at the same time by sharing our content.
  • Tell your friends about us.
  • Check out our e-book called “The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1.”
  • Email your friends with links to your favorite posts, or to The Armpit in general.
  • Tell your friends about The Armpit in message boards, blogs, chat rooms, and anywhere else you communicate with other wrestling fans.

“Can I write for The Armpit?”

The Armpit is not accepting guest columns at this time.  In the future, however, we will definitely be seeking contributors as the website grows.

“Where are the old Armpit wrestling quizzes?”

We made them available as an e-book called “The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1.”  It can be purchased for $3.99, and you can also download a free chapter as a sample.

“Is Jerry Sags affiliated with The Armpit?”

No.  A reader once told us that The Armpit reminded him of the Nasty Boys because of the armpit spot they did in their matches.  Apparently he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  Another reader then came to us with a private photograph of Jerry Sags, giving us permission to use it.  That picture is now used in the “Join the Armpit Army” subscription box.

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