Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal (8-19-2016)

Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal (8-19-2016)

Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal

August 19, 2016
Sam’s Town Live Casino in Las Vegas, NV
ROH Death Before Dishonour
ROH World Championship

This was a very solid, long, main event heavyweight world title style match. With his shaved head, Jay Lethal looks so much like Bad News Allen and even has his same body shape. He worked a good match, doing five topes at one point (technically six, but the last one missed) and also a top rope elbow onto a table outside the ring. Even though Lethal was booked to be the babyface, it was Adam Cole who had the crowd and they popped big for his win.

Lethal ended a long title reign, and the timing seemed right for Cole. He still doesn’t sell like he should, but that’s a broken record for most of today’s top stars anyway. While the match was great, some of the moves remain silly if you think about them logically, such as all the consecutive forearms without selling the jaw, the multiple Ushigoroshis that would leave someone crippled in real life, and a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope that didn’t end in a pinfall. Welcome to 2016.

But the crowd loved it and the match achieved its goal. And so begins the Adam Cole era.

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