American Alpha vs The Revival (4-1-2016)

American Alpha vs The Revival (4-1-2016)

American Alpha vs The Revival

April 1, 2016
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX
NXT Takeover: Dallas
NXT Tag Team Championship

As the opening match of the first WWE show over WrestleMania weekend, the crowd was all jacked up and this was the expected excellent match. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are so good that they should’ve been called up months ago, and it wasn’t long after this match when they finally were (being drafted to SmackDown for the initial brand split). Gable himself has potential to be a Danial Bryan level main event star.

This wasn’t your typical old school tag team match, but it also wasn’t the kind of match you see on the indies either. It was a back and forth, heated exchange of good wrestling that was hard hitting, but not overly risky (which is a good thing). And while Gable is the crowd favorite, it’s certainly not a knock on Jordan, who, like Bret Hart, has excellent execution.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson at this point are seen as interchangeable, and that’s their own fault for looking so generic. They need to work on that, and they really should because they clearly have the wrestling part down pat. They were almost as good as Team Alpha here, but without the charisma and I can already see them languishing on the main roster and not getting over unless they kick their persona into high gear. Otherwise they’ll go the way of the Bashams, which is a shame because they’re far too talented for that.

There was a blown Doomsday Device spot, and the crowd was inexcusably harsh on them for that. The “You f*cked up” chants were way too disrespectful because those two guys try so hard and bust their asses, but it was a WrestleMania crowd and chants are what they do. Perfect start to the show.

The match can only be viewed on the WWE Network, but here are highlights:

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