Andrade Almas vs Rey Mysterio (1-15-2019)

Andrade Almas vs Rey Mysterio (1-15-2019)

Andrade Almas vs Rey Mysterio

January 15, 2019
Legacy Arena in Birmingham, AL
WWE SmackDown Live #1013

The highlight of SmackDown the first few months of the year has been the in-ring feud between Rey Mysterio and Andrade Almas.  The two have natural chemistry with each other, and there’s no one better to get Almas over than Mysterio.  Any casual fan watching this could’ve recognized how talented Almas was, and it didn’t take long for “This is awesome” chants to echo throughout the arena.

Almas was a headline attraction in NXT, and has potential to be one on SmackDown if Zelina Vega is allowed to let loose as his manager.  He’s among the most talented wrestlers in the industry, and it’s funny because it wasn’t too long ago he was miserable in NXT while his buddy Alberto del Rio was throwing him under the bus.  His fortunes have reversed, although as of this writing he’s still underrated and should be higher on the card.

These two busted out a couple moves WWE fans hadn’t seen before, such as the Canadian Destroyer (even though it has been used for 15 years since Petey Williams helped popularize it in TNA).  Best of all, Almas went over, as he should have.  Mysterio can still go, although he shouldn’t be doing matches like this on the road or else he’ll be on the injured reserved list not before too long.

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