Andrade Cien Almas vs Johnny Gargano (2-21-2018)

Andrade Cien Almas vs Johnny Gargano (2-21-2018)

Andrade Cien Almas vs Johnny Gargano

February 21, 2018 (recorded February 1)
Center Stage in Atlanta, GA
NXT Episode #436
NXT Heavyweight Championship

These two are so good that it almost seemed like too big of a match for this small building.  They excel in an arena setting, and while they didn’t go all out like their TakeOver classic, they really shouldn’t have anyway.  This was still an excellent TV match, with Johnny Gargano doing a couple crazy dives and Andrade Almas being in the right position to take and deliver all their moves perfectly.

Human necks must have improved these last couple of decades, as two massive DDTs today still can’t finish a guy whereas a simple DDT from Jake Roberts in the 1980s meant a sure clean pin.  Candice LeRae and Zelina Vega, who have great chemistry, interfered to add drama to the match.  Gargano had the match won, but the referee was out and Tomasso Ciampa wacked Gargano with the nasty crutch to lead to Almas going over.  Gargano then had to “leave” NXT, even though no one really believed it.

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