Asuka vs Nikki Cross (6-28-2017)

Asuka vs Nikki Cross (6-28-2017)

Asuka vs Nikki Cross

June 28, 2017
Full Sail Live in Winter Park, FL
NXT Episode #399
NXT Women’s Championship; Last Woman Standing

This is the hottest I’ve ever seen Asuka look, and I mean that purely from a sexual standpoint.  Her hair was longer and she was slimmer than usual, and she’s so damn sexy it hurts.

With that out of the way, this was a very well worked match that showcased the talents of both.  The crowd reacted big in spots, though in general they were sitting on their hands like idiots while all this stiff action was going on.  Highlights were Asuka covering Nikki with a chair and kicking the Hell out of her, a powerbomb on some chairs that looked nasty, and a superplex off the ladder onto the announcers’ desk.

NXT crowds at Full Sail have been spotty this year for some reason.  They should appreciate what they have, as some of us cities would love to have them doing regular tapings here.

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