Authors of Pain vs DIY (5-20-2017)

Authors of Pain vs DIY (5-20-2017)

Authors of Pain vs DIY

May 20, 2017
All-State Arena in Chicago, IL
NXT Takeover: Chicago
NXT Tag Team Championship; Ladder Match

This actually main evented the NXT Takeover show, and they had a lot to follow after the strong undercard. Authors of Pain are not good workers yet, however much like the Road Warriors in their prime, they can be carried to great matches. It happened over WrestleMania weekend, and it happened again here.

With the talent of Gargano and to a lesser extent Ciampa (because he was working with an injury and was questionable for this match right until the day before), along with the ladder gimmick, this turned into a wild, crazy match that delivered on all levels. It had the obligatory memorable ladder spots and bumps, including a shot to Gargano’s face that looked all too real and made everyone at home wince in pain.

Fans were deflated when AOP won, as they don’t see them as talented enough to deserve the spot they’re in. It ended the show on a flat note. Luckily that all changed when Ciampa executed a phenomenal heel turn that had been slightly teased for months. Really a thing of beauty.

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