Bad Luck Fale vs Yuji Nagata (8-11-2017)

Bad Luck Fale vs Yuji Nagata (8-11-2017)

Bad Luck Fale vs Yuji Nagata

August 11, 2017
Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan
NJPW G1 Climax (Day 17)

Emotions were running high, as a loss would mean this is the final G1 match in Yuji Nagata’s career.  Because of those stakes, the crowd was really into this and Nagata was at his absolute best in carrying Bad Luck Fale to a Hell of a match.

First of all, I despise Fale.  And yes, it’s only because I’m jealous he gets to date Tokyo Latina, one of the sexiest women on this planet.  He didn’t ruin the match, yet it was clearly Nagata who made this so memorable with his selling, facials, offense, and bumps.  He’s just so damn good, and he altered his style to make Fale look like the strong monster that he is.

Fans seemed deflated that Nagata lost, and after the match, Fale and he made peace (they were linked together in a mentor/mentee role years ago).  Nagata broke down and cried, as did the announcer, who was so moved to tears that he had to take his headset off.  Fans held up a ton of signs for Nagata, who milked it far less than he could have, and this was pretty historic from that standpoint.  Worth seeing just for the post-match.

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