BJ Whitmer vs Steve Corino (6-24-2016)

BJ Whitmer vs Steve Corino (6-24-2016)

BJ Whitmer vs Steve Corino

June 24, 2016
Cabarrus Arena in Concord, NC
ROH Best in the World
Fight Without Honor

Insane spectacle of blood and gore reminiscent of the ECW days of yore. You have to question the sanity level of anyone who books or participates in a match like this in this day and age. Beer bottles being broken over heads, sharp pieces of table being wacked over heads, double juice, and broken pieces of glass being shoved into foreheads. If you like matches like that, you’ll like this. Kevin Sullivan made a surprise appearance at the end, and yes there were “ECW” chants.

No video of this match exists online, so you’ll need to order a copy of the ROH Best in the World PPV to see it. Here’s a short clip of the action:

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