Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong (8-11-2017)

Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong (8-11-2017)

Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong

August 11, 2017
SUREC Arena in San Jose, CA
NXT House Show
NXT Heavyweight Championship

Even though this happened close to my home, unfortunately I didn’t attend (there was a country music concert on the same night, and while I don’t listen to country music, I go to all the concerts because they’re PACKED WITH HOT WOMEN).  So I can’t give a review of this match, as it’s not online in complete form.

Dave Meltzer was there and rated it ****1/4, saying it reminded him of Ric Flair vs Bret Hart matches in 1992, which is high praise.  Roderick Strong wasn’t quite as over in August of 2017 as he is now, so Bobby Roode had to work hard to get him over as a face, and succeeded in doing so.  Apparently Roode worked harder here than he does on PPV matches, and this was said to be PPV quality.  Here’s a short clip:

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