Cena & Balor & Rollins vs Lashley & McIntyre & Ambrose (1-7-2019)

Cena & Balor & Rollins vs Lashley & McIntyre & Ambrose (1-7-2019)

John Cena & Finn Balor & Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley & Drew McIntyre & Dean Ambrose

January 7, 2019
Amway Center in Orlando, FL
WWE Monday Night RAW #1337

This hot 6-man tag opened up the first Raw of 2019 with a bang, setting the tone for what we hope is going to be a banner in-ring year for the company.  It was John Cena’s first televised match back in several weeks, and despite looking just like JBL, he was in his usual form here.  Finn Balor, who is supposed to get a push building to WrestleMania, was also allowed to shine.  Drew McIntyre got something of a rub as well, working with Cena and being protected in the finish.

The highlight, though, was Seth Rollins.  I was in San Jose when his TLC match with Dean Ambrose was crapped on by the live audience, and he took it to heart and really upped his game.  He did some new moves, and showed that when given the opportunity, he’s as good as anyone in this business.  Even Kenny Omega; it’s just that Omega is allowed to show it more.  Rollins needn’t take it personally about what happened in San Jose.  The show was long, his match was in a bad spot, and the fans’ booing had nothing to do with his performance.

Great match, see the highlights:

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