Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet (1-12-2018)

Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet (1-12-2018)

Chuck Taylor vs Ricochet

January 12, 2018
American Legion Hall in Reseda, CA
PWG Mystery Vortex
PWG Heavyweight Championship

Rating this match just **** was really unfair, probably because Dave Meltzer wasn’t able to see much of the match that was taking place in the crowd.  That’s too bad, because this was pretty historic in that it was well known this was Ricochet’s last match in PWG before going onto greener pastures in NXTChuck Taylor therefore won the title, however neither phoned it in, and in fact it was pretty damn brutal.

Ricochet took a suplex onto several chairs, went through a table, and did a 450 splash onto a bunch of thumbtacks (is this 1998?).  Taylor ended up stuck with a lot of thumbtacks as well.  The match had extra meaning since Taylor helped trained Ricochet many years ago.

Both men gave nice speeches after the match, and Ricochet got a well deserved send-off.  He really should’ve joined WWE years ago, as he’s among the best in the world.

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