DDP Yoga Review: My Results After 6 Weeks

DDP Yoga Review: My Results After 6 Weeks

This DDP Yoga review is not something you or I ever expected to see on The Armpit. I’ve lifted weights for 20+ years, and never would’ve been caught dead doing f*cking yoga. So why did I try DDP Yoga? Read on.

My Story

I am not, nor have I ever been, overweight. On the contrary, I’m a skinny, scrawny, bag of bones who was never able to put on muscle no matter how much I worked out.

I worked out in middle school… and got no results. I tried again when I was 20… and still got no results. Determined, I still kept at it throughout all my 20s and 30s. While I may have gained a few pounds of muscle overall, nobody ever accused me of working out. My body was always rail thin, despite the heavy weightlifting and massive amounts of food I was shoveling into my mouth.

It makes me sick to hear guys like Christopher Daniels or Sean Waltman whine about being “small.” Give me a f*cking break. While they wanted arms like Hulk Hogan, I would’ve been happy having arms as big as Goddamn MICHAEL COLE or some of the referees.

Not to mention I have to straighten my back as much as possible to even register 5’-7” in height. I’ve gone through life being around 140 lbs, and have to powerlift and gorge myself to get to 150. If I eat like a regular person and don’t work out, I’ll shrink to 130. The only time I was ever borderline “overweight” was when I was 30 and literally eating MASSIVE amounts of food while lifting as heavy as possible, and managed to hit 170. At that weight, however, my stomach had ballooned along with whatever size my arms and legs gained. At the request of my ex-wife, I slimmed back down to 150, where I’ve been ever since, having just turned 40.

Why DDP Yoga?

All those years of heavy lifting, with absolutely nothing to show for it, were wearing on me. I hated hoisting tons of weight on my poor back, squatting with all my might, while watching enormous pro wrestlers on TV who all seemed huge and ripped while doing the same training (or less) that I was.

Then I turned 40. Saying my body was hurting from the lifting would be exaggerating, but there were occasional times my knee would hurt. And I knew that if I kept doing this, by 50 I’d be broken down with a bad back, bad knees, and a torn rotator cuff. And for what? To still look like CHEESEBURGER and SPIKE DUDLEY?

Spike Dudley

I grew to hate lifting weights, seeing it as a waste of time. I was tired of waking up and risking injury by lifting a lot of weight every damn week. The heavy weights and compound lifting are very taxing on the body, which might be worth it if I saw results. But I never did, and it frustrated the Hell out of me.

After hearing ringing endorsements from Chris Jericho and Mick Foley, I finally decided to give DDP Yoga a try just before WrestleMania. I figured that since I couldn’t build muscle, I might as well accept the fact that it’ll never happen and to just aim for tone and definition. In the process, I’d save my joints, bones, and eliminate all injury risk.

DDP doesn’t even lift weights anymore, and while he’s still naturally large compared to the average person, he was never known for his muscular physique. Chris Jericho also doesn’t lift weights anymore, and just does DDP Yoga and pushups. AJ Styles does DDP Yoga too, although he probably still lifts weights. Mick Foley (who never lifted weights) also lost a ton of weight using DDP Yoga.

Remember, I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I was trying to GAIN it. Since that simply wasn’t possible, I decided to mold whatever little muscle I did have and just go with the flow and settle for being toned and fit instead of the muscular monster every guy wishes he could be.

I told myself that if DDP Yoga got decent results for me after three months, I’d sell my gym equipment and just focus on this from now on. After all, I could use the extra space in my bedroom.

Well, it hasn’t been twelve weeks yet. I just passed the six-week mark.

The gym equipment was gone after four weeks.

What Happened on DDP Yoga?

Even though I’ve been training for over two decades, I started with the BEGINNER program of DDP Yoga. Why? Because I’m inflexible as f*ck. While I could lift heavy weights for my size, I still sat on my ass in a cubicle all day, and never really stretched.

I followed the Beginner workout schedule, which called for the easier DDP Yoga videos on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The “Energy” video is the one beginners do, and the feeling was hard to describe. As AJ Styles said, it’s easy and hard at the same time.

After two weeks, which is essentially just six 25-minute yoga sessions, my body already felt considerably better. The minor pains I had in my knee were largely gone, and when I put my pants on, my legs were able to come up much higher.

In addition, my pants fit more loosely around my waist. My legs and upper body had taken more shape, morphing into more of a V-shape. It’s as if my weight stayed the same (I never weighed myself, because I was never concerned about losing weight) but all the weight was shifting to the right places. I felt better, moved around better, and physically felt years younger.

And this was just after two weeks.


I must make a very important note about diet. I’ve attempted to be a healthy eater since I was 19, so I’m not the typical DDP Yoga customer who has spent years eating Cheetos and other processed crap. I didn’t even read or pay attention to DDP’s diet advice, because I already know most of it. If your diet isn’t the best, you can expect even better results than what I’m describing here.

For years I believed all the hype and bullsh*t about ‘low fat’ eating, and how ‘cholesterol’ is bad for you. Utter garbage, as we now know. About four years ago I switched to a mostly Paleo diet, focusing on plenty of fat, reduced carbs, and a good amount of protein. All my foods are organic, and my meats are well sourced and clean (grass-fed, pasture-raised, etc). My dairy is raw and full-fat, and I get plenty of healthy bacteria from raw probiotics and organic yogurt.  This is what the Paleo did for X-Pac:

X-Pac and his new abs, thanks to the Paleo diet

I go hardcore, brewing my own bone broth and consuming healthy organ meats like liver, heart, tendons, gizzards, tripe, and things most people would never dare to try. Those are the healthiest foods on the planet, and it’s why I still look in my 20s. Bone broth works better than Botox, just so you know, and it’s much cheaper.

Despite eating all that fat, my cholesterol (which is a useless number anyway) and other lipids went down. Just goes to show what a sham low cholesterol, low fat diets are. I see people like Jim Ross complain about trying to stick to a healthy diet, and he’s going about it all WRONG. Not his fault, he’s just taking the conventional, incorrect advice we’ve all heard for decades.  I embrace butter, fats, cheese, eggs, and all those things experts have been wrong about warning against. You just gotta make sure you get those foods from healthy sources.

Bye Bye, Weights

After just four weeks, I knew DDP Yoga was the real deal. Granted, I still did pull-ups and push-ups, using a simple bar on my doorway. Other than that, though, I didn’t lift a damn weight and strictly did DDP Yoga. The “Energy” video was now alternating with the “Fat Burner” video, which is slightly more difficult. Just these two elementary videos were all I needed to show me I no longer needed weights.

Did I mention the women in the DDP Yoga videos are hot as f*ck? Sherry Goggin, MY GOD. She’s older now, but in the videos she’s like one of the hottest women on the planet. Even Stacy and Tamara are sexy and cute. The “Energy” video also has Arthur, the infamous paratrooper who was practically immobile and overweight years ago, and is now super thin, fit, and in far better yoga shape than I am, God damnit.

Sherry Goggin, the very definition of perfection

DDP turned Stacy from a Mom to a Hot Mama:

Stacy, one of the women in DDP’s videos

Arthur’s incredible story:

DDP himself is a terrific instructor, both a good motivator and explains everything really well. The guy was made for this stuff. He himself is in phenomenal shape, doing handstands and crazy push-ups in his 50s and now 60s.

I listed my gym equipment on Craigslist. I was so anxious to be done with it that I priced them below market. The next day, random strangers were in and out of my house, hauling away my squat rack, pull-up machine, weights, Olympic bar, plate rack, and trap bar. Bye bye, guys. Who needs weights when I have DDP’s secret sauce: Dynamic Resistance!

My body continued to take shape, and I was just 1/3 the way through the BEGINNER program. I found myself anticipating how I’d look after the Intermediate and Advanced programs.

Best of all? I found myself enjoying exercise for the first time ever. As dedicated as I was to lifting weights for so many years, I hated it. Hated being in the gym and seeing guys so much bigger than I was. Hated working out at home because it was a drag to wake up and destroy my body while getting no results. It broke me down, making me sleepwalk through breakfast and go to work.

Now? I wake up early and look forward to the next DDP Yoga session. It’s almost fun, and I love knowing that it’s actually WORKING, and that it doesn’t kill my body. Again, as AJ Styles said, it’s easy and hard at the same time. My abs are taking shape again, my legs look muscular and defined, and my upper body is as good as it ever looked lifting all those heavy-ass weights.

I repeat myself: I was ONE THIRD the way through the beginner program. Four weeks! It’s only going to get better.

The Six-Week Mark

“Fat Burner” is now the video in regular rotation, and even though it’s challenging, I love it. I’ve not missed a single session, sticking to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This coming weekend is my first “optional” weekend, where the schedule says I can do either “Energy” or “Fat Burner.” In the past, I’d avoid anything ‘optional.’ Now? You better believe I’ll do it, and I’m choosing “Fat Burner” because even though it’s more difficult, it f*cking works.

My body continued to take shape since the four-week mark. I even took pictures of my abs like a jackass, as I just felt so thrilled to finally be doing something that works for me. With about 1/3 the effort and pain of weightlifting.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do simple cardio, jumping on the trampoline while watching the WWE Network. After 10 minutes of high intensity intervals on the trampoline (the knee pain I had while doing that is long gone, thanks to DDP Yoga), I do neutral-grip pull-ups until failure, followed my push-ups or dips to failure. Then I do one more cycle of that. That’s it. No weights needed.

In fact, I’ll drop the cardio altogether once I’m in the Advanced program and doing DDP Yoga 5-6 days per week.

I can even do the yoga in my bedroom, where my weights used to be. More room, more space, better results, no weights, no nothing. Just my yoga mat.

I can even take the yoga mat with me if I travel. No more trying to find a gym, or freaking out because there isn’t one. I can do DDP Yoga anywhere, any time. Selling the gym equipment netted me $500+ in cash. The yoga mat cost me $20 at Wal-mart.

It may all sound too good to be true. Take it from me, the biggest skeptic of all. DDP Yoga WORKS. If you’re a skinny guy like me, accept your fate and build a sleek, toned body. Stop abusing your body with weights that won’t add muscle no matter how much you lift.

If you’re a regular guy who lifts weights and builds decent muscle, congratulations. You may not need DDP Yoga if you’re getting the results you like. Maybe you can add a weekly “Energy” session to add flexibility. When you begin to have injuries as you get older, DDP Yoga will be here for you.

If you’re overweight and hate exercise, you’ll undoubtedly see more benefit from DDP Yoga than anyone else. I can’t understand why everyone who falls into this category isn’t doing DDP Yoga. The reason I held out for so long is that I wanted to GAIN weight, and DDP Yoga doesn’t really do that (but neither were weights either, at least for me). But if you’re trying to LOSE weight? DDP Yoga is a no-brainer. Especially if you have some sort of injury or body pain. This program will have you losing weight and feeling better, without question.

Granted, some of you will have to put more effort than I did, by reading the nutrition guide and re-learning how to eat. But like I said, eating healthy doesn’t mean eliminating fat. It does mean eliminating sugar, so learn to love Stevia. Still, once you start seeing real results and feeling better, your body won’t even crave sweets or carbs anymore.

Imagine losing weight without having to go to the gym, run, ride the stupid stationary bike, or climb that boring-ass stairclimber or elliptical machine. Mick Foley used to do the stairclimber, and he still never lost as much weight as he did with DDP Yoga. He’s lost over 100 pounds, and despite his aging hip that even DDP Yoga can’t repair, he feels much better. After his hip surgery heals, and as he continues doing DDP Yoga, Mick Foley will be a new man, just like Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, and DDP himself.

Thank you, DDP. You saved me so much money, gave me much of my youth back, and saved me aches and pains that I would’ve otherwise experienced in my older years. I love knowing that my body is getting everything it needs to stay limber and fit, all without killing myself in the gym.

Get over whatever it is that’s stopping you from starting DDP Yoga (no, I don’t make any commissions from recommending them). Ditch the weights and treadmill; buy a yoga mat instead. I did, and I only wish I had done it years ago.

And remember, Sherry Goggin is in some of the videos, and she’s hot. Is that not reason enough to try this?


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