Drew Galloway vs Trent Baretta (3-4-2016)

Drew Galloway vs Trent Baretta (3-4-2016)

Drew Galloway vs Trent Baretta

March 4, 2016
American Legion in Reseda, CA
PWG All-Star Weekend XII – Night 1

Drew Galloway has improved greatly in his time away from WWE, to the point he’s now almost as good as HHH was in his prime. He works a similar style, with a slower pace and more methodical in nature, but still very ring smart with good psychology and timing. Basically he works like a heavyweight world champ, and it’s a nice change of pace from most of the crazy matches on this list that are rich in high spots but weak on storytelling.

What made this match work was Baretta’s selling, as his relatively light frame (compared to Galloway’s) made him bump around and amplify how effective the blows were. Since he won the match, Baretta sold most of the way. The crescendo was when he did a tope and Galloway caught him and suplexed him. Because it was one of the few dangerous high spots of the match, it meant more. Also, the floor looked really hard since the venue isn’t exactly a fancy arena. Great, solid match with good heat.

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