Greatest Matches Ever

The Armpit has compiled a complete list of the greatest wrestling matches ever held, and will begin posting them year by year, one quarter at a time.

We’ll start with the current year, and then go backwards, until we’ve covered them all. Only matches with a rating of **** (four stars) and above will be included, as rated by the highly respected Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dave Meltzer publishes.

Every effort is made to make this list as complete as possible, and promotions from all over the world are included. We’ll also do our best to watch each match ourselves, add our brief commentary, and include links (when possible) to where you can watch the matches yourselves.

Eventually this will be the most complete resource for great wrestling matches to be found anywhere on the internet. Please have patience because it takes time to watch each match and do them justice, and in the meantime, enjoy and please spread the word.