Greatest Matches Ever: 2016 (Q2)

Welcome to our Greatest Matches Ever series for Q2 of 2016, covering April, May, and June. Only matches with a rating of **** (four stars) and above will be included, as rated by the highly respected Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dave Meltzer publishes.

The second three months of 2016 were filled with a slew of great matches represented by a variety of different promotions. New Japan dominated, but WWE and NXT came through with some classics, and we had a couple from PWG, Lucha Underground, and ROH as well. Evolve made the list too, from WrestleMania weekend. Nothing hit 5 stars, but several came close and it was another solid quarter from what is turning into a banner year for the in-ring product.

Every effort is made to make this list as complete as possible, and promotions from all over the world are included. We’ll also do our best to watch each match ourselves, add our brief commentary, and include links (when possible) to where you can watch the matches yourselves.