Greatest Matches Ever: 2016 (Q4)

Welcome to our Greatest Matches Ever series for Q4 of 2016, covering October, November, and December. Only matches with a rating of **** (four stars) and above will be included, as rated by the highly respected Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dave Meltzer publishes.

Q4 was far more typical when it comes to match quality, with about half as many matches as Q3’s record setting number of great matches. Not only that, but most of the matches were closer to four stars than they were to five stars. Q3 had threee ***** matches alone, while this quarter had none.

Still, there was plenty worthy of seeing, and quite frankly, we enjoyed the breather after the frantic pace of Q3 in which it was almost impossible to keep up with all the great wrestling out there unless you devote your whole life to pro wrestling.

One notable thing about Q4 is we had a far more diverse representation across the globe. New Japan did dominate as usual, but we had plenty of greatness from WWE, NXT, CMLL, ROH, and especially UK groups like Revolution Pro (expect to see UK groups showing up more often in these lists from now on).

Every effort is made to make this list as complete as possible, and promotions from all over the world are included. We’ll also do our best to watch each match ourselves, add our brief commentary, and include links (when possible) to where you can watch the matches yourselves.