Greatest Matches Ever: 2017 (Q1)

Welcome to our Greatest Matches Ever series for Q1 of 2017, where we’ll cover the greatest wrestling matches from January, February, and March.

What else can you say about a quarter in which we had perhaps the greatest wrestling match of all-time? This quarter was simply phenomenal when it came to great wrestling matches, and there appears to be plenty more on the horizon.

The only disappointing thing of Q1 is that there’s zero suspense when it comes to who got the top spot. In fact, it’s a safe bet Okada vs Omega will be the #1 match for all of 2017. But we’ll have a great time watching and documenting all the matches trying to claim those honors from them. It was a strong quarter for all the major promotions, with the UK scene rightfully gaining more notice and exposure for all the great matches they’re churning out on a regular basis.