Greatest Matches Ever: 2017 (Q2)

Welcome to our Greatest Matches Ever series for Q2 of 2017, where we’ll cover the greatest wrestling matches from April, May, and June.

We wrote that Q1 of 2017 had the greatest match of all-time, and it did.  Q2, however, actually had one that was even better, and it was from the same two participants.  Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega from Dominion was a ******1/4 mega-classic that blew away anything I had ever seen before.  For that reason alone, Q2 was one for the record books.

In addition, WWE put on the best match they have in years (along with many others that made the list) with Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate from Takeover.  Throw in the usual fare from NJPW, ROH, PWG, and CMLL, and you have another highly decorated three months of action in what has so far been the best year ever for in-ring action in pro wrestling history.