Greatest Matches Ever: 2018 (Q1)

Welcome to our Greatest Matches Ever series for Q1 of 2018, where we’ll cover the greatest wrestling matches from January, February, and March. Only matches with a rating of **** (four stars) and above will be included, as rated by the highly respected Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dave Meltzer publishes.

2018 has so far picked up where 2017 left off, delivering numerous classic matches on a seemingly weekly basis. There were three 5-star matches, and others that came close. The same familiar faces were delivering the goods again, from Okada to Omega, with some surprise performances from Chris Jericho and Minoru Suzuki that turned heads worldwide.

There’s no sign the great matches are slowing down anytime soon, and every indication they’re speeding up. Never in history have there been so many fantastic workers, and from all over the world. We’re in a golden era of wrestling, and rookies continue to keep popping up to the point the trend should continue for several more years. Enjoy the matches…