Greatest Matches Ever: 2017 (Q3)

Welcome to our Greatest Matches Ever series for Q3 of 2017, where we’ll cover the greatest wrestling matches from July, August, and September. Only matches with a rating of **** (four stars) and above will be included, as rated by the highly respected Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dave Meltzer publishes.

We keep saying this every quarter, but THIS really probably is the greatest quarter of all-time when it comes to match quality. You had the New Japan G1 Climax, the G1 Climax Special, and PWG Best of Los Angeles all delivering multiple classics the likes of which we’ve rarely seen. And of course, there’s an Omega vs Okada match thrown in that many felt was the best of their three-match series.

We can debate that later. For now, enjoy the matches! As a side note, I was there live for the G1 Climax Special and can attest as to how awesome it was! It was even better live than on TV.