HHH vs Dean Ambrose (3-12-2016)

HHH vs Dean Ambrose (3-12-2016)

HHH vs Dean Ambrose

March 12, 2016
Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
WWE Roadblock
WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Great slow build, and it turned into an exciting match toward the end with big moves and near falls and submissions. Considering how rarely HHH works, he had virtually no ring rust and physically looked in great shape (of course he’s not tested since he’s not a full-time performer). Both men had solid crowd support but Dean Ambrose was the clear favorite as the match went on. More of an old school world title match, which HHH is best at doing, and the slow build paid off.

If you look for this match on the WWE Network, remember it’s not in the PPV section, because it was a one-off special show.  Here’s a clip:

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