Hirooki Goto vs Minoru Suzuki (1-4-2018)

Hirooki Goto vs Minoru Suzuki (1-4-2018)

Hirooki Goto vs Minoru Suzuki

January 4, 2018
Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan
NJPW WrestleKingdom 12
Never Openweight Championship

You gotta love it when one of the best workers in a company known for world class wrestlers is almost 50 years old.  Minoru Suzuki was out of this world here, again bringing an element of realism you just don’t see much of these days.  His hard slapping exchanges with Hirooki Goto were the highlight here, although the headbutts were a little too much.  Really, everything was delivered very solidly and snugly, which isn’t kind to the body but makes for a much more realistic match.

After Suzuki took the fall, he began to cut off his hair, much to the chagrin of his Suzuki-gun stable mates.

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