Ilja Dragunov vs Walter (3-12-2017)

Ilja Dragunov vs Walter (3-12-2017)

Ilja Dragunov vs Walter

March 12, 2017
Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany
WxW 16 Carat Gold – Night 3
16 Carat Gold Finals

Modern day Ric Flair bRon Garvin chop-fest, except far more brutal.  Walter is a large man with an unimpressive physique (seriously, how hard is it to at least do some DDP Yoga to tone up a bit), the kind of ugly bully everyone knew as a child.  He’s got long limbs, and it makes his chops and face kicks look more brutal than average.

And judging by the looks of Ilja Dragunov’s chest, those chops are maybe a bit too brutal.  His right pec was torn to shreds, bleeding like someone had hit with a meat cleaver.

These two went back and forth with the chops and kicks endlessly, with the much smaller Dragunov always coming up on the short end.  The fans in WxW all surrounded the ring and leaned on it, which left no room for dives and high spots.  It didn’t matter, as they had a great match anyway.  Typical strong indie heat throughout the match, with fans solidly behind Dragunov.

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