Jushin Liger vs Taichi (5-31-2017)

Jushin Liger vs Taichi (5-31-2017)

Jushin Liger vs Taichi

May 31, 2017
Second Edion Arena in Osaka, Japan
NJPW Best of the Super Juniors (Day 12)

This was a feel-good moment, as this was supposedly Jushin Liger’s last match ever in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament, which he has been synonymous with for years.  Fans were emotional from start to finish, although it was overbooked with American style ref bumps, outside interference, and babyface saves.

Taichi played a strong heel, cutting some of Liger’s hair and ripping his mask and costume.  To my surprise, Liger looked in good shape for a guy his age.  It’s incredibly hard to believe he’s still having matches like this at his age, as I recall being in elementary school and seeing his name back when he was a rookie.  That was 31 years ago.

While this was an exciting spectacle, Meltzer’s giving it the same **** rating as Reigns vs Rollins two days prior is ludicrous.

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