Kenny King vs Kushida (9-22-2017)

Kenny King vs Kushida (9-22-2017)

Kenny King vs Kushida

September 22, 2017
Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, NV
ROH Death Before Dishonour
TV Championship

Very good match, and Kushida looked like the consummate professional.  He was so great at making everything look solid, including a DDT that brought Kenny King’s head as close to the mat as possible without injuring him.  Just a superior level of skill and talent that guy has.  Most impressive at all is that he did all this great work despite doing the job at the end, resulting in an upset victory that popped the crowd.

King’s daughter was at ringside, and it was ridiculous how she was smiling and even applauding Kushida at one point.  I mean, it doesn’t really matter these days, but it eliminates all feelings of realism when a girl doesn’t believe for one second that her father is feeling and real pain in a wrestling match.  If Jim Cornette were still with ROH, he’d probably berate her after the show and slap her the same way he did to Santino Marella and got himself fired (that Cornette, what a genius, huh).

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