Kenny Omega vs Juice Robinson (9-24-2017)

Kenny Omega vs Juice Robinson (9-24-2017)

Kenny Omega vs Juice Robinson

September 24, 2017
World Hall in Kobe, Japan
NJPW Destruction in Kobe
NJPW US Championship

Started slow with minimal crowd reaction, and then built into something special and went over 30 minutes.  Juice Robinson probably had his best career match tonight, at least up to this point.  Strong storytelling with Kenny Omega’s injured knee, building to some sick spots like a suplex off the ring apron to the floor that woke the crowd up.

Some cool big moves towards the end, some of which looked scary.  Omega used a One Wing Angel off the top rope for the win, which seemed dangerous and Robinson definitely will be feeling sore tomorrow morning after this match.  It may be worth it, however, as this match helped make him into a bigger star.

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