Kenny Omega vs Michael Elgin (7-1-2017)

Kenny Omega vs Michael Elgin (7-1-2017)

Kenny Omega vs Michael Elgin

July 1, 2017
Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA
NJPW G1 Special in USA (Day 1)
IWGP US Championship Tournament

I was there for this match!  The heat in the building was unreal, because we while we suspected Kenny Omega would win, we weren’t sure and we really wanted it.  This is why the near falls got such a big reaction, and it’s why the win got such a big pop.

Michael Elgin was snug with his chops and clotheslines, which came off great.  Omega’s knees are still the best ever, and I’ve got no idea how he’s able to pull those off without hurting his opponent.  Other sick spots were a German suplex on the outside apron, and some of the slams they did in the ring from powerbombs and brainbusters.  He somehow got Elgin up in the One Winged Angel, after a few teases.

This was really one of the best matches in the US this year.

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