Kenny Omega vs Yoshi-Hashi (9-22-2016)

Kenny Omega vs Yoshi-Hashi (9-22-2016)

Kenny Omega vs Yoshi-Hashi

September 22, 2016
Hiroshima Sun Plaza in Hiroshima, Japan
NJPW Destruction
IWGP Heavyweight Title Shot at Tokyo Dome

Kenny Omega continued his quest to prove he’s the best worker in the world today, and it’s hard to deny him that claim. He was stupendous here, and while the Shawn Michaels comparisons are natural (because of the pressure he puts on himself to have the best match of the night every time he works), he’s actually more like Brian Pillman if Pillman were to come along today and not have any of his demons. He has become that good.

Yoshi-Hashi had his career moment, and while he wasn’t in Omega’s league, he didn’t need to be. Omega elevated him to a great match, and he has about the best near falls in the business. Nobody was buying that Omega would lose (and thus, lose his shot against Kazuchika Okada at the 2017 Tokyo Dome show), but he did his best to make them believe otherwise.

Omega came out with his own “Money in the Bank” briefcase, signifying his title shot at the Dome was on the line. He also had the Young Bucks in his corner, while Yoshi-Hashi had Goto in his.

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