Kojima & Ricochet & Finlay vs Ospreay & Romero & Baretta (10-8-2016)

Kojima & Ricochet & Finlay vs Ospreay & Romero & Baretta (10-8-2016)

Satoshi Kojima & Ricochet & David Finlay vs Will Ospreay & Rocky Romero & Baretta

October 8, 2016
Uonuma, Japan
NJPW House Show
NEVER Openweight 6-Man Championship

What was scary about this is it was basically a glorified house show, and yet these guys all worked like it was a major show. Ricochet, Ospreay, and really everyone took all the same bumps and high risk moves you’d see in a televised match (this had one camera shooting everything with no commentary). That’s just plain stupid and you can imagine how much punishment these men take every night, destroying their bodies.

With that said, the match was still excellent. Kojima was the favorite because he’s Japanese, but Ricochet is getting more and more cheered as the top foreigner. He’s not kidding when he says 2017 will be his year. He and Ospreay did their usual overly choreographed sequences. The other storylines were Baretta teasing tension with partner Romero (who lost the fall) and Finlay getting a big win.

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