Kushida vs Volador Jr (6-1-2017)

Kushida vs Volador Jr (6-1-2017)

Kushida vs Volador Jr

June 1, 2017
International Conference Hall in Nagoya, Japan
NJPW Best of the Super Juniors (Day 13)

It’s really hard to argue that Kushida is among the best wrestlers in the world, and this BOSJ tournament has allowed him to show it.  Of course Volador puts on near **** matches almost every week in Mexico City, so these two together put on a match as good as it sounds on paper.

Despite their relative unfamiliarity with each other in the ring, everything was smooth and no spots were missed.  Volador did his usual array of crazy dives, and Kushida his seemingly impossible submissions and armbars that defy the laws of physics.  Crowd was up for this, although the finish appeared to come out of nowhere.  A finish that looked pretty stiff on Volador’s neck, so at least it looked believable.

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