Kyle O’Reilly vs Marty Scurll (3-4-2016)

Kyle O’Reilly vs Marty Scurll (3-4-2016)

Kyle O’Reilly vs Marty Scurll

March 4, 2016
American Legion in Reseda, CA
PWG All-Star Weekend XII – Night 1

This was friggin’ awesome. If you love innovative submission wrestling that is anything but boring, any Kyle O’Reilly match is going to be your cup of tea. But Marty Scurll was right there with him, and this was one Hell of an awesome match that had the crowd going nuts the whole time.

Tremendous psychology here, and the two taunted each other as they exchanged smooth MMA style moves like true professionals. O’Reilly has a bland look, but the man can work like few others and he quickly wins you over. Scurll kept up with him and isn’t that far behind.

My only complaint here is the last couple minutes or so, as the two exchanged hard knees to the head and stiff elbows to the head, and they meant nothing because neither man sold them at all. If the blows don’t do any damage, then why should anyone care about them. O’Reilly even delivered a brainbuster towards the end and even that couldn’t finish Scurll as he was barely thrown for a loop. Other than that, these wrestling sequences were extraordinary and I’d love to see these two wrestle again.

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