LA Park vs Rush (3-11-2017)

LA Park vs Rush (3-11-2017)

LA Park vs Rush

March 11, 2017
Juan de la Barrera Gym in Mexico City, Mexico
Baracal Entertainment House Show

Wild, out of control, double juice brawl all over the building. Yes, this is La Parka from the WCW Nitro days you remember, who is now quite heavy, over 50, but still works like a mother*cker. As for Rush, he’s incredibly charismatic and absolutely made for pro wrestling and could easily get over in the US if given the chance. He’s a natural heel with good charisma and knows how to work a crowd, and with his roots (brother of Dragon Lee and Mistico), he’s sure to be a star in Mexico for as long as he wants to be.

The spots here were sick, with Park throwing a box of empty beer bottles at Rush that busted him up (Park was already bleeding by this point, with his mask half torn). Then he dove through the middle ropes way too quickly than you’d expect for someone that size, and both also took chair shots to the head that they will regret one day. Park in particular nailed Rush with a shot so hard that the chair broke in two.

Crowd was unglued for most of this, much like an indie crowd in the US with the occasional chants (in Spanish, of course). I still think the ref took the most punishment of all, as he had to be in his 60s and should not have been taking these kinds of bumps. When La Mascara came out, the ref went to count Park’s pin and he pulled the ref’s leg out, but overshot him and he landed face first on the outside floor. You can’t be doing that at his age.

Later, the ref took a splash of the rope that nailed him when Park moved, and he took other scary bumps as well. Park’s son came in later to even the score against Rush and Mascara, doing a somersault dive that popped the crowd. Park was slipping on all the bodily fluids in the ring and it was just a crazy spectacle. It reminded me a bit of the old Cactus Jack vs Eddie Gilbert brawl from the TWA in Philadelphia 25+ years ago, both the good and the bad.

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