Marty Scurll vs Mark Andrews (5-20-2016)

Marty Scurll vs Mark Andrews (5-20-2016)

Marty Scurll vs Mark Andrews

May 20, 2016
American Legion in Reseda, CA
PWG Prince

Marty Scurll is an awesome performer and people are starting to realize that, thanks to matches like this. I personally thought this was ****1/2, but for consistency we’ll stick with Dave Meltzer’s **** rating. He’s so smooth, confident, and is in complete control of everything he does. His psychology allows him to get a bigger reaction out of the crowd than he otherwise would, without completely destroying his body. It’s a shame he’s on the small side (although still far bigger than Andrews).

Mark Andrews is super talented but gets overlooked because of he’s rail thin by pro wrestling standards. He needs to grow his blond hair long to give him more of an edge and a distinct look, because his naturally thin frame is always going to work against him even in a cruiserweight division. But damn, he can go.

This was a Hell of an entertaining match, and I can’t fathom the “low” **** rating because they did everything here and it was better than the preceding Elgin vs Kamaitachi match. Scurll has so many little tricks that make him a pleasure to watch, and this was a pretty stiff match to boot. He even eye poked a fan, who took it in jest.

These two also worked extremely well together, and in this environment it was a perfect undercard match. Scurll is a ring general and he should be a trainer when his in-ring days are done, because he’s that good and would really be effective in passing on his knowledge to some of the younger guys who need to up their psychology game.

I loved, loved, loved this match.

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