Michael Elgin vs Kamaitachi (5-20-2016)

Michael Elgin vs Kamaitachi (5-20-2016)

Michael Elgin vs Kamaitachi

May 20, 2016
American Legion in Reseda, CA
PWG Prince

Great big man vs high flyer match, and Kamaitachi is someone to keep your eye on (although Michael Elgin is more likely to get a WWE contract because of his size). The building PWG uses needs an upgrade badly, as it constricted what Kamaitachi can do inside the ring, but he was still really good here. He needs to slow down and stop taking all those hard bumps, however, if he intends on a long career because he’s only in his early 20s still.

Crowd was up for this match and got into all the near falls toward the end. I was surprised how well these two worked together, which speaks for the talent of both of them.

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