Minoru Suzuki vs Togi Makabe (3-6-2018)

Minoru Suzuki vs Togi Makabe (3-6-2018)

Minoru Suzuki vs Togi Makabe

March 6, 2018
Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan
NJPW 46th Anniversary
IWGP Intercontinental Title

Very stiff, brutal match, including a dropkick by Minoru Suzuki that popped the crowd and really connected upon second viewing in the instant replay.  The reason guys like Suzuki and Undertaker are so over and believable is that they very rarely break character, and it’s something today’s wrestlers should learn from.  It’s very easy to suspend disbelief when it comes to Suzuki, because he never gives you a reason not to.

Match started out as a brawl and built to big moves and high risk spots.  Not acrobatic, just high risk like the back suplex off the top rope by Togi Makabe.  Match was every bit of ****1/4.

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