Miz vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens (5-22-2016)

Miz vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens (5-22-2016)

Miz vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens

May 22, 2016
Prudential Center in Newark, NJ
WWE Extreme Rules
Fatal 4-way

Spectacular match that had the crowd standing and chanting “Yes!” and “This is awesome” on a few occasions. Cesaro and Sami Zayn in particular were out of this world, and Kevin Owens was great as well. The worst of the four, the Miz, is somehow the IC champion and somehow won this match. He played it safe as usual, which is probably smart and guarantees him a longer career without injuries, but still I maintain he will never get over no matter how hard WWE tries.

Lots of big spots, including Owens with a frog splash on Zayn as Cesaro was trying to catapult him in the ring, a double power slam off the top rope, Cesaro’s swings, Cesaro’s uppercuts, Zayn’s dive, and Owens cannonballing everyone in sight. One of the better WWE matches of the year, and it’s been a good year of matches for them.

This match is only on the WWE Network, which you should all have. For those who don’t, here’s a clip:

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