Pete Dunne vs Trent Seven (5-19-2017)

Pete Dunne vs Trent Seven (5-19-2017)

Pete Dunne vs Trent Seven

May 19, 2017
Epic Studios in Norwich, England
WWE UK Championship Special

What the Hell was wrong with the production of this show? The lighting made an ROH TV taping look like the sun, that’s how dark it was. Nevertheless, this was a really strong match that showcased just how awesome Pete Dunne is.

Dunne is like a modern day, more athletic version of Fit Finlay in his prime. For those who know what I’m talking about, that is high praise. He stands a good chance at really being somebody, because unlike the other indie guys, he doesn’t destroy his body with too many insane high spots. He does them, just selectively.

Like here, he took a nelson suplex on the outside apron. A vicious bump to be sure, but it was just one bump. His arsenal otherwise consists of stiff chops, slaps, and old school wearing down the opponent’s body with unique twists like driving his knuckles into the rib cage. He also comes off remarkably believable, and has the kind of badass persona that could make him effective as either a heel or face.

Trent Seven was good here too, showing an ability to take the punishment well and also give it back. He looks out of shape, which along with his height may hold him back. Still, he’s no shorter than Dunne, so he can make it work if he learns to put it all together.

Both these guys wrestle at a noticeably higher level than their American counterparts with equal experience. That’s because they both wrestle so often in the plethora of UK indies out there, so they learn more quickly. And it shows.

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