Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate (5-20-2017)

Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate (5-20-2017)

Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

May 20, 2017
All-State Arena in Chicago, IL
NXT Takeover: Chicago
UK Heavyweight Championship

This match was so Goddamn friggin’ awesome, with standing ovations breaking out at least three times. Anyone you know who bemoans wrestling as not being as good as it was “back in the day” can watch this match and eat a bag of dicks. Open your eyes and watch the damn product before you make such stupid statements like that, because guys like these are tearing it up way more than our childhood favorites ever did.

Pete Dunne is a world class talent, and he’s only 23. The things he did here were so subtle and so great, like the joint manipulations and stiff punches and MMA spots that make it obvious how well trained he is. Bate might be short and look like a real tool in street clothes, but man he knows how to work. He pulled off his spots with precision, and did some power displays that were Steiner-like. And that airplane spin; are you kidding me?? Best one you will ever see.

The hot crowd definitely helped this match, because you see similar matches to this every week on 205 Live that get no reaction in a big building full of casual WWE fans. This was just perfect in every way, and these two youngin’s stole the show. What a bad week for Randy Orton to make such stupid tweets, given how these upstart indie guys blew his match out of the water.

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