Ricochet vs Jeff Cobb vs Keith Lee (9-3-2017)

Ricochet vs Jeff Cobb vs Keith Lee (9-3-2017)

Ricochet vs Jeff Cobb vs Keith Lee

September 3, 2017
American Legion Hall in Reseda, CA
PWG Battle of Los Angeles (Day 3)

What was unique about this match was that you’d expect Ricochet to do his aerial moves while Jeff Cobb and Keith Lee would stick to power moves.  And they did.  However Ricochet also did power moves of his own (he’s deceptively strong), while Lee was doing huracanranas and Cobb was pretty agile as well.

The result was a mishmash of all those styles, including everything you’d expect, in a match that was well laid out and never dull.  Cobb is still stronger than an ox, Lee can still move around like a guy half his size, and Ricochet is truly complete and is as good as anyone in the world.

Fans popped for the finish since they didn’t expect Ricochet to win two years in a row, plus he had been rumored to be NXT/WWE bound imminently.

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