Ricochet vs Walter (10-20-2017)

Ricochet vs Walter (10-20-2017)

Ricochet vs Walter

October 20, 2017
American Legion Hall in Reseda, CA
PWG All-Star Weekend (Day 1)

Excellent clash of Ricochet’s high flying wizardry and Walter’s power move set.  He sold great for Walter to really put him over as a monster, which he is.  For his part, Walter’s timing was perfect and everything they did clicked and looked rock solid.  Ricochet took a fairly good pounding and some good bumps, again making everything look effortless.

The last few minutes were especially great with some trading of near falls and creative spots that popped the crowd.  Walter has potential to be a top heel, and even though his body looks sort of flabby, he can get away with it because of his size.  He’s a real 1970s main event heel throwback, and Ricochet is can’t miss star of the future.

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