Roderick Strong vs Mark Andrews (3-4-2016)

Roderick Strong vs Mark Andrews (3-4-2016)

Roderick Strong vs Mark Andrews

March 4, 2016
American Legion in Reseda, CA
PWG All-Star Weekend XII – Night 1

Really liked this match. Mark Andrews is small even by cruiserweight standards, and it made you appreciate how muscular “small” wrestlers like Roderick Strong really are in real life compared to the general public. Andrews was so light that some of the spots were mistimed because Strong sent him flying so far.

But Andrews is great. The dude knows how to sell and has a decent look considering his size, like a young Alex Shelley. I could see him as a smug American heel in Mexico with the blond hair and surfer look. We can only hope these kinds of matches become a staple on Raw once they start the cruiserweight division.

Andrews knows a thing or two about selling, and Strong came off as powerful in the way he manhandled him in some spots. Andrews did get some good offense in, and down the road when he gets more of a chance to shine, we’ll be hearing more good things about him. This was a pleasure to watch.

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