Roderick Strong vs Zack Sabre Jr (3-5-2016)

Roderick Strong vs Zack Sabre Jr (3-5-2016)

Roderick Strong vs Zack Sabre Jr.

March 5, 2016
American Legion in Reseda, CA
PWG All-Star Weekend XII – Night 2
PWG World Championship

Very long, excellent world title match that the crowd was really into. First huge pop was when Roderick Strong wanted a different ref, so when the new ref Justin Borden came down the aisle, ref Rick Knox nailed him with a totally unpredictable super kick. No one had ever seen that before and they reacted in kind.

The story is that Strong had held the PWG title forever and fans were dying to see Zack Sabre Jr take it. And that’s what they got, with a pop that rivalled Sting’s WCW title win in 1990, just with a fraction of the people in attendance. Tons of cool submissions here, but not the crazy spot fest like many PWG matches. Highly recommended for historical purposes, but leave plenty of time to watch it because you’ll need to invest a lot to truly appreciate this one.

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