Roman Reigns vs John Cena (9-24-2017)

Roman Reigns vs John Cena (9-24-2017)

Roman Reigns vs John Cena

September 24, 2017
Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
WWE No Mercy

They teased this as something of a semi retirement match for John Cena, which was strange because he’s not retiring anytime soon and was back at every PPV show after this.  The idea is that he’s stepping back a bit as his Hollywood duties continue to increase, still I don’t think anyone bought the idea he’s giving it up yet.

They also kept pushing the idea of Cena as the greatest of all-time, which nobody over the age of 12 believes and it unfairly heels Cena to fans who know better.  Few have ever stayed as over as long as he has, and few work harder outside the ring or stay in as good of shape as he does.  Still, in the ring even he will tell you he’s not the greatest of all-time, and he never wanted of claimed to be.

All those things said, this was another great match from Cena.  No matter now non-technical or unnatural he’s always looked in the ring, he still gets more heat than anybody.  Because of that, his matches always have a tremendous atmosphere.  It was even more pronounced here because Roman Reigns is equally as divisive among the fans, so you got all sorts of reactions from the crowd.

Typical big moves and near falls, with the storyline being that no matter how much Cena delivered, he couldn’t finish Reigns.  Crowd was mostly in Cena’s favor and they were shocked at some of the near falls.  Just great stuff and Reigns was at his best.

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