Roppongi Vice vs Ricochet & Matt Sydal (4-10-2016)

Roppongi Vice vs Ricochet & Matt Sydal (4-10-2016)

Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent Baretta) vs Ricochet & Matt Sydal

April 10, 2016
Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan
NJPW Invasion Attack
IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship

Remind me again why Ricochet isn’t a WWE headliner right now? Or the rest of these three, for that matter. He was outstanding in this match, right up there with AJ Styles as the best in the business. Boggles the mind how he’s not pushed as one of their top stars right now. But then, they had Matt Sydal and did nothing with him.

Fantastic match full of the typical New Japan juniors tag team spots going a mile a minute with impeccable precision. Rocky Romero is underrated, and it’s amazing how Baretta worked this match with his legit rib injury. The Ground Zero finisher by Roppongi Vice is something to see, very similar to the Young Bucks’ Meltzer Driver.

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