Silas Young vs Jay Lethal (9-22-2017)

Silas Young vs Jay Lethal (9-22-2017)

Silas Young vs Jay Lethal

September 22, 2017
Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, NV
ROH Death Before Dishonour
Last Man Standing

Excellent combination of old school brawling and newer school stunts.  Stiff belt whips from both sides, heavy bleeding (including hardway), tables breaking left and right, and even a dangerous looking ref bump.  Crowd responded to this and both guys put in a ton of effort to make this a realistic fight.  Beer City Bruiser interfered at one point, looking ridiculously indie like he always does, though he did take a great bump through a table and landed badly.  Psychology here was also solid, as the crowd popped with Silas Young got the belt back and whipped Jay Lethal as revenge for the earlier whips.

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