Team Ricochet vs Team Ospreay (3-31-2017)

Team Ricochet vs Team Ospreay (3-31-2017)

Ricochet & AR Fox & Sami Callihan & Dezmond Xavier & Jason Cade vs Will Ospreay & Drew Galloway & Lio Rush & Ryan Smile & Marty Scurll

March 31, 2017
Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, FL
WrestleCon SuperShow

It is funny how hardcore wrestling fans decry the term “sports entertainment,” and they despise Vince McMahon for forcing that phrase down our throats and calling wrestlers “entertainers.”  Yet those same fans were jumping up and down and cheering for this, um, match, which was more about entertaining the fans than perhaps any other match of its type in history.

For a pure athletic display of breathtaking talent, it was almost perfect.  And the crowd clearly appreciated their efforts.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it came off as such a choreographed, entertainment production that it lacked any sort of realism at all.  The lack of selling, the ridiculous spots that in no way could ever happen realistically, and in particular the mid-match dance-off, would all leave long-time, traditional wrestling fans with their heads in their hands.  This match was the massive spotfest indie guys are constantly criticized for, so you’ll either love it or hate it.

Of course, the ultimate judges are the fans.  And they loved everything here, including the dance-off.  From that standpoint, it’s hard to argue this thing was anything except a big success.

As a match, it was like Ricochet vs Will Ospreay in stereo.  Lots of moves in stereo, countless dives, and mishmash of superkicks, somersaults, RKOs, moonsaults, and variations of all of the above.  Everyone looked great, including unknown (and winner) Jason Cade.  As for Drew Galloway, he seemed so above this all, and I don’t just mean his towering height.  And he is, which is why he was signed by WWE not long after this.  Lio Rush, who also got a WWE contract months later, also really shined here.

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