The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1

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armpit-ebook* The FUN way to learn pro wrestling history
* Re-live the glory days: Attitude Era, Monday Night Wars, ‘80s WWF/NWA, ‘90s WCW, ECW, & more
* Introspective commentary on each question and answer, Armpit style
128 classic quizzes, 420 pages, and a whopping 1,079 questions!




“Just want you to know I enjoy reading your trivia contests. They bring back many good and not-so-good memories.”Gary Michael Cappetta, former WCW ring announcer

“I really have enjoyed the trivia questions. They bring back a lot of memories. Some of the best stuff ever.”Michael Winders, Armpit reader

“It’s a great idea and I enjoy going through them. Keep up the great work.”Eddie Kim, Armpit reader

“Thanks for the work on the quizzes, they always manage to keep me entertained.”Ryan Byers, Armpit reader

“These quizzes are fun, and a welcome new addition to the website.”Colin Moore, Armpit reader

Sample Quiz Topics

  • History of Monday Night Raw
  • History of Cruiserweights
  • Bad Gimmicks
  • Famous Great Matches
  • Celebrities in Wrestling
  • Bloopers, Bleeps, & Blunders
  • WrestleMania
  • Obscure Wrestling Announcers
  • Jim Cornette
  • Paul Heyman
  • Famous Debuts
  • Monday Night Wars
  • Ric Flair
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Survivor Series
  • Bad Business Decisions
  • Sting
  • Sex in Wrestling
  • Disgusting Promotional Tactics
  • Lame-Ass Attempts at Wrestling Startups
  • Backstage Fights
  • Out of Control Partiers
  • Saturday Night’s Main Events
  • ECW
  • Heel Turns
  • Train Wrecks
  • Great American Bash
  • Memorable Vignettes
  • Halloween Havoc
  • Starrcade: The Memories
  • Remembering the Royal Rumbles
  • Brock Lesnar
  • The Chris Benoit Tragedy
  • SummerSlam
  • Memorable Debuts
  • Clash of the Champions
  • Big Fat Lies
  • Much, MUCH more

Who Needs This e-Book?

  • Intelligent wrestling fans who want to test their knowledge of wrestling history.
  • New wrestling fans who want to learn about the good ol’ days of wrestling.
  • Longtime wrestling fans who want to re-live some of the historic wrestling moments from their youth.

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About Me

I call myself the Wrestling Professor, and I’m a longtime wrestling fan who grew up on 1980s WWF and NWA, and followed pro wrestling all over the world ever since then. I’ve studied wrestling history extensively, and started The Armpit in 2002 to vent my frustrations on the wrestling product in a fun, satirical, entertaining way. I wrote wrestling quizzes every week to promote The Armpit on other wrestling sites, which quickly became a big hit among the internet wrestling community. The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1 is a collection of all those quizzes from 2005 to 2010, presented in their original form. That’s 128 quizzes, 1,079 questions, and 420 pages of historical wrestling fun.


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