TJ Perkins vs Gran Metalik (9-14-2016)

TJ Perkins vs Gran Metalik (9-14-2016)

TJ Perkins vs Gran Metalik

September 14, 2016
Full Sail Live in Winter Park, FL
WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

This was the finale of the Cruiserweight Classic, and arguably every bit as good as the Perkins-Ibushi match earlier in the show. When you have matches involving these three, it’s impossible to have anything less than a match like this.

Gran Metalik couldn’t win because he still had too many dates to finish up in Mexico, and Kota Ibushi and Zack Saber Jr wouldn’t sign contracts. This left TJ Perkins as the default winner, and of we’re judging by pure ability, he’s a very deserving winner. I still think he needs to change his look so that he comes across less indie looking, but on this night, he was a stud and got to live every indie wrestlers’ dream.

Perkins took a pounding, going through two grueling matches of this magnitude. Metalik, however, may have even beaten his body more, as he took a few bad bumps here. Still, they both worked this match to perfection. With so much on the line, the near falls really had meaning and impact. So did the submissions, as Perkins had defeated Ibushi clean in the middle with it just an hour or so earlier.

HHH came out before the match, giving it even more of a major league feel. He unveiled the new cruiserweight belt, and after Perkins won, came out to present it to him. Great moment in WWE history.

This match is only available on the WWE Network, but here’s a clip:

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