Tomohiro Ishii vs Keith Lee (11-9-2017)

Tomohiro Ishii vs Keith Lee (11-9-2017)

Tomohiro Ishii vs Keith Lee

November 9, 2017
Bethnal Green in London, England
RevPro Global Wars (Day 1)

Mesmerizing match, well worth watching!  Where in the Hell did Keith Lee learn to work like this.  Tomohiro Ishii is half his size, yet he worked to make him look like an equal.  He went up believably for all his suplexes, popping the crowd for everything.  Ishii was great as well, but we all knew that.  Lee really impressed here.

The chops and slaps were deafening, and the UK crowd was extremely appreciate of the effort these two were putting forth.  They really became unglued at the simplest of moves, just because of the way these guys executed them.  You will not be disappointed, so don’t miss this one.

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